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Here at ignitAR we believe in a symbiotic relationship between our clients and their consumers. Our vision is to construct and maintain a healthy bond between you and your customers in a fresh and new exciting manner. We believe that with the correct use of augmented reality and a healthy dose of public relations, we are able to move your business to an innovative new level and further.

We are here to build a bridge between business and human interaction, to be personal, creative and to grow your brand by giving it the voice it deserves. So - join the revolution that is Augmented Reality and allow us to steer the public image of your business in a responsible yet engaging manner.

Augumented Reality

We live in a world where interaction and communication form an essential part of everyday business

Augmented Reality (AR) is all about a physical interaction between the brand and its customers. As a brand, you wish to engage with your customer, speak to him or her and do so in a professional and heartfelt manner

AR allows you to speak to your core followers in a way that is revolutionizing the advertising industry as well as social networking. AR is not only robust on multiple platforms such as tablets and mobile devices


This kind of platform is also ideal for attracting copious amounts of new customers- with the interactive and engaging features which AR has to offer, it is always proven to be a delight to those deemed curious and willing to explore, allowing you to enjoy an additional influx of new consumer

Let’s face it, we are bombarded with print and digital media on a daily basis. How many brands can say that they actively engage with their consumers? Imagine an exchange that can occur on something as large as a billboard or as small as something that fits into your pocket

Move up

The Vision

Upon working in the advertising industry we realised that brands needed new and innovative solutions to enhance the interaction that consumers have with brands. With a team of strategists, designers and developers, ignitAR aims at building more than just a brand but rather a wholesome experience which engages consumer with brand in an interactive manner


The Team

With more than 10 years of experience collectively, we have a skill set few could match. With our expertise ranging from brand management and communications, strategy, media and business we make it our mission to bring something new to the South African market.

We also have experience working abroad in countries such as Nepal, Uganda and France- all whilst retaining a base in the Western Cape. We are an innovative kind of people. A group that shares one mission: To bring a new spark to the advertising industry of South Africa through the use of Public Relations and Augmented Reality

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