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How PR works


ignitPR offers a comprehensive Public Relations (PR) service which will not only manage brand loyalty but also steer and direct the image of your business in order to create the best possible relationship between your company and its consumers. We are here to stay, whether it be reminding your consumers of valuable deals or identifying key areas in the market

The benefits of PR include building your brand’s reputation, creating good reputation amongst the public and media as well as assisting your company with essential perceptions from the outside. Think of PR as a personal assistant that is able to create a competitive and lucrative reputation amongst your fiercest of competitor


TV & Article Examples

Summit TV • Part 1 • Part 2
On the entreprenueral edge we take a look at the 88MPH, a company that invest s in startups.


Boost for technology sector in Africa as 88mph gets capital injection.
Venture start-up funder 88mph said this week that it had received a capital injection from 4Di Capital


88mph takes on ten start-ups
The venture fund has taken on its first ten start-ups for its cape town based accelerator programme.

The Team

With more than 10 years of experience collectively, we have a skill set few could match. With our expertise ranging from brand management and communications, strategy, media and business we make it our mission to bring something new to the South African market.


We also have experience working abroad in countries such as Nepal, Uganda and France- all whilst retaining a base in the Western Cape. We are an innovative kind of people. A group that shares one mission: To bring a new spark to the advertising industry of South Africa through the use of Public Relations and Augmented Reality

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